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Thanks for those who visit my blog, there's a lot more pictures that i haven't upload yet. So, more pictures will be uploaded soon.. for those who want to place an order, please contact or email me. here, i include also price for bahulu & cake.

Bahulu gulung

Bahulu gulung coklat rice
RM 2.00

Bahulu bijan
RM 1.50

Bahulu besar pandan
RM 7.oo

Bahulu cermai
1 container 50 biji RM10

Bahulu cermai coklat rice
1 container 50 biji RM12

Bahulu cermai buah
1 container 50 biji RM12

RM0.40 /

Thursday, January 14, 2010

butter cream

ramai juga yg berminat nak design mcm ni utk hantaran...

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